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Care is taken to maintain that the information, design and picture content of properties for sale on this website is accurate to a professional standard that is of the highest quality service. Please note that pictures may be taken with a wide angle lens and are for illustration purposes only, no guarantee that this is accurate reflection of actual status, so please consult with New Manor Estate Agent before attending any viewings to ensure that any property information you rely on from this website is up to date. We reserve the right to alter the information on this website at any time for updating purposes. Please check these terms and conditions for any such changes via New Manor Estate website. Although we make every effort to ensure that this website runs smoothly, we cannot guarantee that the site will perform undisturbed, timely or error-free. We make no guarantee that any defects will be corrected, or that the site or server are free of viruses.


New Manor Estate website is governed by the laws of England regarding its Terms and Conditions and the usage. Any disputes or problems arising from the use of this website will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy covers only New Manor Estate Agent website content displayed by us for selling properties only for our contractual clients. Within this, other sites and links are not covered by this policy. All changes in the privacy policy will be posted on New Manor Estate website as and when necessary.

Data Protection

New Manor Estate respects the privacy of our users in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data is kept on our records solely for previous and current work undertaken. Personal information is kept for our own records and that you might be a returning client and for use of updates and interest shown in our services. Your rights remain unaffected and any amendment or removal of personal information will be dealt with efficiently. No information is shared, sold, traded or rented. Your personal data is not used outside New Manor Estate Agent except where paramount to complete the contractual transaction signed between our clients and us. Credit checks will be completed on all Buyers and Sellers to safe guard and protect New Manor Estate interests.


New Manor Estate does not hold responsibility for the availability or contents of third party Websites and materials you access through this website.

Commission and Fees

In regards to commission and fees 1% will be paid on completion of successful services provided to you by New Manor Estate Agent. However an administration fee will be levied and a record kept for each client. This is none negotiable in respect if New Manor Estate is unable to sell your property. It becomes payable regardless if we sell or are unsuccessful in selling your property. A £140 convenience fee is added if you decide to end the contract at any time after the seven days cooling off period. Fees incurred will be updated to client on regular bases in advance and an invoice sent for payment, once paid, services can begin. Sellers will be provided with an optimal chance of selling their property quickly to a wider audience as possible, through New Manor Estate Agents website. New Manor Estate will professionally photograph your property and put together details of interior measurements and information for advertisement purposes at the following portals Zoopla and Primlocation. Board placement and removal jobs, will be at a cost which will be made clear. If the Seller changes his mind or no longer wants to sell, all expenses are non-negotiable and will have to be paid regardless. New Manor Estate Agent makes no promises to Buyers or Sellers. In regards to selling your property, NME does not claim to sell clients property any faster than any other agents, nether give false hopes, put undue pressure or to impress to gain clients. New Manor Estate will give optimal chance for the normal course of procedure and business practice undertaken by any normal agent but can only go by local market conditions and as long as we have co-operation and information provided.
If we are successful on selling your property then all expenses will be subtracted from New Manor Estate 1% commission.

Buyers and Sellers

Any Buyers and Sellers through New Manor Estate are advised to take instructions in legal advice before making any decision on purchasing or selling a property.
New Manor Estates will provide ‘sale boards’ and these will be erected professionally by an NME agent and will remain as NME property. Any deliberate misuse or act of vandalism damaging our property will be charged to the perpetrator.
It is the duty of the buyer to have their own surveys and valuations completed to protect their own interest, and should be sure they want to proceed with the purchase of the property and funds are in place as necessary. Buyers must be able to pay mortgage repayments and deposit and any legal cost payments due, as part of purchase. Buyers must provide proof that sufficient funds have been made available, before embarking on purchases of property through New Manor Estate website, if not then 1% of price of agreed property price is chargeable to the buyer. Any mis-management, falsifying or dis-honest declarations will result in charges of 1% being applied regardless of status.
Sellers are advised to have all details ready as per requirement by Law from April 2008, such as land registry proof, all energy efficiency certifications ready for home information pack (HIP) / sellers pack.
Sellers are advised to have all documentation prepared professionally by a solicitor.
New Manor Estate will need access to these details and they are of paramount importance, and must be visibly existent and available before any instruction is taken on.
Sellers and Buyers are responsible in providing truthful, honest and reliable information, any false or dishonorable information / statement provided by either Seller or Buyer will result in Seller still paying the 1% commission fees and the buyer subject to equal 1% of value of property price agreed after decision has been made to purchase. The seller or buyer may also be reported to the relevant authorities and further criminal or civil action may follow. This extended action will also apply to false claims and conflicts, resulting in NME to counter sue for time wasted, stress and loss to business.
New Manor Estate is impartial, does not favor any party, fare to both Buyers and Sellers, will support both to a professional standard.
NME Operates on a pre-booking appointments only, VIA message on telephone landline number, on NME website address links and email services.


New Manor Estate provides guidance in the normal course of practice as per legal requirement bound on New Manor Estate by Property Redress Scheme and DPS. Honest advice is given at all times and no misleading information is knowingly given. NME therefore will remain impartial and show no favoritism towards any parties involved.
Breach of these Terms and Conditions by you, New Manor Estate will take appropriate action; this may be criminal or civil proceedings being pursued, as mentioned above in Buyers and Sellers.


Contact New Manor Estate Agents in accordance with the law, as regards to any enquiry on their website, privacy and terms & conditions. Alternatively by post or in person at 76 Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex IG1 2LA or via telephone on 020 8478 7314.


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